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PP Pallet Pack Sleeve, also called CON-Pearl sleeves and honeycomb pallet sleeve , are made by PP Honeycomb Board (conpearl board) with crease, heating and welding . It can be manufactured to fit any pallet system in the market, qualifying it for new packaging system, as well as a replacement for other types of packaging.

Together with a pallet and lid, the closed boxes and containers guarantee safe, clean and dust-free transport. These robust packaging systems are weather-proof, usable under all climate conditions and are resistant to chemicals.

product description

PP Pallet Pack Sleeve with access door is a low-cost packaging solution used in a variety of applications. Made from triple-layer polypropylene with middle honeycomb structure, the plastic pallet pack sleeve has exceptional wall strength and can be stored outside in any season. When used with the pallet pack top and base, the plastic sleeve can hold 1,000 lbs. per load and is stackable. Normally in grey color.

At the end of their life cycle, Pallet Pack Boxes and sleeves are taken back and processed to make new raw materials for Pallet Pack Packaging systems. PPP Solution packaging systems are a smart investment in long lasting capital goods.

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