Flat MBR Membrane Welding Machine

MBR Membrane Welding Machine

Flat MBR Membrane Welding Machine adopts hydraulic cylinder mode which is two-axis linkage. This kind structure solves the balance problems when welding.

The bottom die adopts the yielding elastic sliding platform and the supporting force is more stable.Compact and reasonable structure design makes operation and maintenance more human.

Eddy current welding is adopted. Eddy current welding is more uniform than hot-melt capacity welding, without damaging membrane and can meet the welding requirements for ABS plate with slight shrinkage.

product description

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) process is a combination of biological wastewater treatment and membrane filtration. Biodegradable pollution such as BOD is reduced by activated sludge. Following biological treatment, treated water is separated from activated sludge by microfiltration membrane.

Flat MBR Membrane Welding Machine is designed for Membrane Bioreactor welding equipment. It uses plastic hot plate welding technology on flat film welding processing.

The equipment used in flat membrane, water filter membrane, cell filter membrane, MBR plate membrane, membrane filter plate, non-woven fabrics plate membrane, polymer plate film, immersion plate film and other products of welding.

Function Configuration Information:

1. Pneumatic Components: SMC cylinders

2.Electronically Controlled PLC: OMRON Omron

3.Operation Interface: 7″ touch screen

4.Detection Sensors: Keynes, Japan or Otis, Japan

5.Servo Motor: Ankawa ,Japan

6.Line Track: Shangyin, Taiwan

7.Besring: NSK Nippon Ernsk

8.It has automatic counting function.

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