PVDF Tubular Membrane Welding Machine

PVDF Tubular Membrane Welding Machine for ultra filtration are designed and improved based on imported equipment. Now Our machine can makes coiled pipe, welded pipe and inner scraping film completed at one time.

It can produce tubular membranes in diameter 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12.7mm etc. And non-woven fabric layers in one layer, two layer or three layer based on customer requirements.

The machine can do two kind welding : multil-layer overlay welding or double-layer dislocation welding.

product description

PVDF Tubular Membrane Welding Machine is also called ultrasonic welding machine, ultrasonic machine, welding machine. The machine adopts ultrasonic welding, tubular membrane substrate (non-woven) welding into infinite long tubular, cooperate with relevant coating process to produce tubular ultrafiltration membrane.

Function Configuration Information:

1. Pneumatic Components: SMC cylinders

2.Electronically Controlled PLC: OMRON Omron

3.Operation Interface: 7″ touch screen

4.Detection Sensors: Keynes, Japan or Otis, Japan

5.Servo Motor: Ankawa ,Japan

6.Line Track: Shangyin, Taiwan

7.Besring: NSK Nippon Ernsk

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