PP Corrugated Box

Corrugated plastic sheet is used to make PP corrugated box. PP Corrugated Box Is Widely Used in Food, Electronic, And Automotive Industry. Corrugated plastic packaging box is cheaper than moldable boxes. It has shock-proof and flexible dimensions, structure, etc.

We can produce different color, thickness or style packaging boxes as per your specific requirements.

The Popularity of Corrugated plastic Box Protective Packaging is Due to Many Reasons. The material is lightweight, yet strong and durable. It also offers hygiene protection and water resistance. This cost-effective option is easy to convert, 100% recyclable and available in flame-retardant and recycle grade versions. This material is highly valued in a variety of industries due to its many benefits and features.

product description

PP Corrugated boxes are Made From Fluted Polypropylene sheet. These sheets are extremely durable and relatively inexpensive. Twin Wall construction makes the sheet lighter than most comparable sheets materials for its various applications. The sheet’s popularity with designers, farmers, and factory workers alike is due to its chemical and water resistance, as well as ease of printing.

It has many uses, including conductive plastic box, tote bins container, collapsible packaging box, PP ESD box, advertisement signage, estate agent signs, election posters, POS display, POS boxes, POS stands, exhibition stands, floor & wall protection, trays etc.

Heets are used in all areas of building & construction, electronic, graphic display, education, fresh produce, manufacturing & graphic display. You can enhance the sheet properties to meet specific customer demands by adding special additives.

These are the Advantages of Collapsible Packaging: PP Corrugated Box

  1. It is lightweight, rigid, strong, and long-lasting.

  2. Waterproof, Moisture Resistant, Excellent Weather Capability

  3. Chemicalresistance, Impact Resistance, Fade Resistance

  4. Environmental Friendly, Recycled Use,Washable,Non-Toxic,Anti-Corrosion

  5. Food Contact Packaging, 100 % New Virgin Materials

  6. Cost-Efficient,Economical For Any End User

  7. It’s easy to make, space-saving

  8. We can produce different color, thickness or style packaging boxes as per your specific requirements.

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