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Normally 15 working days without festival period since receiving deposite. 

We accept T/T, L/C and Western Union payment.

We offer PE film packing, Cardboard and wood pallet or box packing, all with protective corner, also steel pallet available.

Main size is 2440x1220mm or 1200x2250mm. Other size also avaliable. Please send email to [email protected]

Thickness from 3mm to 30mm. Main thickness 4mm, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm. Other thickness, please send email to [email protected]

The new plastic honeycomb van flooring and van liners installed in our Sprinter last year is extremely robust and free of mould. The material is tough and can withstand the daily, hard stresses on construction sites.

The van flooring is easily cleaned with conventional floor cleaner (solvent-free). Industrial cleaners are suitable for cleaning as well. The surface remains unaffected.


Even with intensive use, the superior look in all variants of the honeycomb lining (Allround, Strong, Safestep) remains intact.

All layers of the base plate of vehicle floors have a uniform colour, so that slight damages on the surface don’t stand out – this is a significant benefit compared to wooden floors. In case of damages to wood flooring, the wood will be clearly visible and the floor will be susceptible to mould and corrosion.

Our van flooring is available with three high-quality surfaces, Strong – Allround- Safestep. An aluminum rail can be installed as decorative edging and for extra protection.


Yes, an aluminium rail can be affixed at ground level upon request.


We manufacture the van ply linings and side linings according to customer orders.
Please ask for our sales department for the delivery time.

Emai: [email protected]

PPP Solution delivers the load floor as a one-piece and ready to be installed or as a non- customized board.


You can save more than 300 euros per vehicle per year.  By using  honeycomb ply lining and side lining we reach weight reductions of over 80kg. This corresponds to 62 percent savings compared to  wooden flooring.


Several, extensive load tests prove the stability of honeycomb van floorings:

  • pressure strength test
  • vibration and vertical shock test
  • abrasion test

The product  passed all tests. Honeycomb ply linings can easily bear the maximum permitted vehicle payload.

Yes, the fastening units also withstand endure lateral forces.


Yes, with lasering. Burr formation or frazzling could happen with all other processing methods.


Yes, sealed edges are possible:

  • rilling during processing
  • embossing
  • laser edged
  • sealing with glued-on L- and U-profiles- Y- aluminium edge

Internal measurements have not yielded negative results. Every user must adhere to his own processing systems. See our detailed report of the exam.

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