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Sleeve Pack Container – Plastic Pallet Boxes

Sleeve packs are a lightweight, collapsible solution for bulk packaging and material handling.

The sleeve pack is made up of a plastic pallet base, foldable honeycomb sleeve, and a plastic lid or mirror image top. Our sleeve packs, also known as plastic gaylords, Conpearl Box, Pallet Pack, Bulk Bins, are made of corrugated polypropylene plastic up to 13 mm thick. We offer the thickest corrugated on the market, making our sleeve packs extremely impact resistant, and ideal for your most demanding applications.

Sleeve Packs are also available in heavy-duty paper corrugated.

product description

Plastic Pallet Sleeve Pack are consist of 3 individual parts(lid+sleeve+pallet), lids and pallets are produced with thermoformed plastic sheet, sleeves are made by multiwall plastic sheet or honeycomb plastic sheet. Such bulk containers are offering cost-effective and reusable transit packaging solutions for multiple markets.

Our custom size sleeve packs with a locking system to keep all components of the system together, and custom corrugated containers of virtually unlimited size and configuration.

We can provide corrugated bulk containers, corrugated totes, or custom corrugated packaging, along with a verity of plastic corrugated sheets.

We offer sleeve packs in a variety of standard pallet size footprints, as well as custom footprints, and can manufacture to your exact height requirements. Standard forklift entry means you can move and stack your Universal sleeve pack just as you would any other bulk container.

Sleeve packs are a distribution container best suited for applications where the load is restrained and exerts downward as opposed to outward pressure. Sleeves can be made of corrugated plastic or corrugated paper.

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Plastic Sleeve Pack Size

SizeFolding HeightTotal WeightMax Load (10mm sleeve)Stack

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