NonWoven PP Bubble Guard

PP NonWoven Bubble Guard Board is an alveolar 100% PP sheet with surface covered with non-woven, which combines great versatility and high performances: it is 100% recyclable, non-toxic, resistant to mechanical stress and chemical agents, thermoformable, printable, with a weight range from 500 gr/sqm to 3500 gr/sqm and a thickness range from 3 to 10 mm and above.

The versatility of the Bubble Guard Board, its efficiency (it is light but highly resistant), the wide range of processing and laminating possibilities (with PP and PET textile, carpet, EPP foam and other decorative and/or printed films) make this sheet the right replacement for more expensive materials and the best solution to fulfil the requests of the most disparate branches: automotive, steelworks, woodworks, furniture factories, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, removals, glassworks, food and beverage, graphics, advertising and logistics.

product description

NonWoven Bubble Guard Board has triple layers of virgin polypropylene sheets with plain layers on either sides and middle core layer having thermoformed bubbles / cones are welded together with specialized technique to get a strong and rigid composite structure which offers remarkable strengths / properties. Surface covered non woven for car and van decoration use.

Bubble guard also referred to as PP Honeycomb Board, Bubbleboard or Rigid bubble sheet. The outer and the inner layer is sheet of PP which holds the solid rigid hollow bubble that provides strength and shape to the sheet. It is used in a number of applications including packaging of steel coils, packaging separators, false ceiling, wall panels, door panels, wood protectors, floor protectors, wall facing boards, van liners, printing and other applications.

Multiple Use Packaging applications

Single Use Packaging applications

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