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Pallet Sleeve Making Machine for PP Bubble Guard and Honeycomb Board

Pallet Sleeve Making Machine mainly consists 4 parts. Edge Sealing MachineOpen Window MachineCreasing Machine, Docking Machine.  Sloing Machine is optional.

Auto Matic Edge Sealing Machine for PP Bubble Guard Board and Conpearl Honeycomb Board

Now we supply 2 different kind edge sealing machine.  Round edge type and Shape edge type. All sealed edge made by our machine is perfect looking.

PP Bubble Guard  Board Open Door / Window Machine for Pallet Sleeve

Now we produce two type Open window machine. Single Window and Double Window .

Single Window type is manually type. Each time makes one window.

Double Window is automatic type with double position. Each time makes can make one or two windows.

PP Bubble Guard Board Creasing Machine for Pallet Sleeve 

Now we supply 3 position (3 creases) manually type and 6 position(6 creases) automactic type. Operation board max width upto 1300mm.

3 posotion type is manual type. Each time make 3 creases together. One sleeve need twice processing.

6 position type is totally automatic machine with PLC, easy to control and adjust for different size pallet sleeves. It needs less workers.  It can process full size sleeve at same time with 6 creases. One sleeve only need one time crease. Use less time and more accurate.

PP Bubble Guard Board Connection/ Docking Machine for Pallet Sleeve 

We supply manually type docking machine now. Our docking machine is easy to control and adjust for different size pallet sleeves.

More machine information, just send a message to us . Our email is sales@pppsolution.com

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