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Spiral Tree Guard

Plastic PVC corflute spiral tree guards
Manufactured from 100% recycled material offering a life expectancy of over 4 years, tree spirals have been used as the main protector of young trees for many years now. This low cost option provides traditional protection for stemmed seedlings and transplants.The spiral guard should be supported by a bamboo cane or stake

Spirl tree guards are used in protecting young trees such as Standards,seedling Transplants and Single Stem Hedge Plant Varietiess against browsing animals such as rabbits and sheep.

product description

Spiral tree guard are manufactured from recycled PVC and offer a life expectancy of over 4 years, which is sufficient time to get most young trees and hedgerow plants established.

We offer a clear spiral guard and a spiral guard with green tint, both of which are provided without holes in. The difference in colour between the two is purely aesthetic.

The base of plants should be sprayed to suppress weeds and reduce competition for nutrients. Spiral guards help with the process as they prevent herbicide from contact with the plants within.

Except trees (Spiral guards need to be supported by bamboo canes – the plants alone will not support the guards)

60cm Rabbit
70cm Hare
120cm Sheep/Roe Deer and Hedgerow Planting
30MM For Whips and Hedgerow Planting
40MM For Standsrd ans Single Stem Trees and for Improved Growth rates
700MM-100MM for ;pw Cost Tree Shelter Applications such as Broad leaves and Conifers
Dark green/Dark brwon/Transport/Black
The key dvantages of Spiral Guards include:
* Very simple and quick installation
* No fixing stakes or fastenings required on most trees
* Lowest unit cost system and low maintenance
* Does not need revisiting to remove from matures trees in most situations
* Can promote thickening for hedging applicatuons
* Does offer some benefits to aid growth in young trees

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