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Face Mask Making Machine

Face Mask Machine can make 3 ply/ 4 ply face mask with ear loop. The machine is totally automatic type. One blank mask part with two ear loop welding station. Output upto 100-110 pcs per min.

product description

Non-woven 3 ply ear loop welding medical disposable face mask making machine

The face mask machine will finish all the processing from the feeding to nose-clip fixing, edge sealing, cutting the finished products automatically, complete line include 1 set mask making machine and 2 sets automatic ear loop welding machine.

Capacity100-120 pcs/min
Power8.5 Kw
Voltage220 V
Delivery TimeDelivery in 15-25 days
Operating EnvironmentTemperature 10-35℃, humidity 5%-35% HR, no flammable, corrosive gas, no dust

The face mask making machine is mainly used for the automatic making of flat masks: the whole roll of fabric is driven by rollers after unwinding, and the fabric is automatically folded and hemmed; Bridge of nose strip whole roll traction unroll,cut to length and guide into hemmed fabric. Two sides Ultrasonic welding to the seal, then ultrasonic 2 ends sealing, cutting and shaping by a cutter; conveying the mask to the two mask ear band welding stations through an assembly line, and finally forming the mask by ultrasonic welding; when the mask is made, it is transported to the flat belt line for collection. Complete line include 1 set mask body making machine and 2 sets ear loop automatic welding machine.

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