Project Description

  • Ear Loop Welding Machine
  • Face Mask Ear Loop Welding Machine
  • Nonwoven Ear Loop Welding Machine

Ear Loop Welding Machine

Nonwoven Ear Loop Welding Equipment is to weld ear loop on blank 3 ply / 5 ply face mask .This is Semi-Automatic type.

Professional ultrasound Japan imported air cylinder High frequency 35k Best power 800W / 1200W Beautiful and firm welding Fast speed and stable

  • Semi-Automatic welding machine

  • Production speed: 8-12 pcs/min

  • Fast Delivery  1 Year Warranty

Half automatic disposable mask ear loop belt ultrasonic spot welding machine 

Ultrasonic mask ear loop welding line: The ultrasonic welding method is used to form a micro-amplitude high-frequency vibration on the earband, which is instantly converted into heat to melt the material to be processed: This machine is suitable for underwear bra welding, non-woven mask spot welding, disposable surgical cap, disposable mask

Production speed

1. 8-12 pcs/min
Motor power2. 1.2KW
Voltage3. 220V
Size4. 1200*500*1200mm
Weight5. 50kg

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