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PP Hollow Plastic Formwork is an energy-saving and green environmental protection product. It is another new generation product after wood formwork, combined steel formwork, bamboo and wood veneer formwork and all steel large formwork. It can completely replace the traditional steel formwork, wood formwork and square wood, save energy and protect the environment, and has low amortization cost.

Advantages Of PP Hollow Plastic Formwork:

Formworks expend large labor force and total cost of the project that is why efforts have made to introducing a formwork system that is cost effective and can be assembled, dismantled and handled easily by labor.

There are several advantages provided by PP Hollow Plastic Formwork in concrete construction:

  • Cost effective

  • Labor friendly

  • Eco friendly

  • Low maintenance

  • Versatil

PP Hollow Plastic Formwork: 

Size: 1220*2440mm /  915*1830mm

Thickness: 12 / 15 /18 mm

Color: Grey white &  Grey black.

Materials: Polypropylene (PP)

Features And Characteristics Of PP Hollow Formwork:

1. The hollow building formwork has good machinability and is basically consistent with the wood formwork construction method.

2. Hollow building formwork is non-hygroscopic, corrosion-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, especially suitable for use in humid environments.

3. Hollow building formwork has high strength, impact resistance, wear resistance, long service life, and turnover times up to 40 times.

4. Hollow building formwork surface Smooth, smooth, no need to apply mold release agent, can be sawed, can be stapled, can be used together with wood formwork; used scrap boards and scraps can be recycled and reused, saving cost and reducing pollution.

PP Hollow Formwork Method Of Using:

1. The method of use is the same as that of the wooden formwork. The direction of the vertical ribs of the hollow building formwork forms a cross shape with the direction of the wood.

2. No need to apply mold release agent before use.

3. When the cast-in-place plate is used, the distance between the keels is 20~25cm, and the distance between the keels of the plate wall is 15~20cm.

4. The joint between the board and the board needs to be sealed with tape.

5. the length of the nail should not be too long, generally about 30 ~ 35mm.

6. Nail strength should be moderate.

7. When removing the mold, it is necessary to carry out the small piece from one end, and remove the template while dismantling the support to prevent large areas from falling, and do not let the corners fall perpendicularly to the ground.

8. The template can be mixed with wood plywood, bamboo glue board and other material plates.

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