PP Bubble Guard and PP Honeycomb Board

PP Bubble Guard Board and PP Honeycomb Board

PP Bubble Guard board is an alveolar 100% PP sheet. The honeycomb structure combines great versatility and high performances . It is recyclable and eco-friendly (it is 100% recyclable because fully made of PP), non-toxic, resistant to mechanical stress and chemical agents, thermoformable, with a weight range from 250 gr/sqm to 3500 gr/sqm and a thickness range from 2 to 30 mm.

The versatility of the product, its efficiency (it is light but highly resistant), the wide range of processing and laminating possibilities (with PP and PET textile, carpets, EPP foam and other decorative film). This makes of this sheet the right replacement for more expensive and less cost-effective materials. The best solution to fulfill the requests of the most disparate branches : automotive, steelworks, woodworks, furniture factories, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, removals, glassworks, food and beverage, graphics, advertising, promotion and logistics.

The PP Bubble Guard Board sheets are widely used in the automotive field, as they grant ductility, flexibility, a very good price/quality ratio and do not imply the use of glue. In this branch the applications are mainly the following two: packaging, with the realization of multiway collapsible boxes and, more generally speaking, for the realization of cars interiors parts as: head liner, seat-back cover, trunk cover, door panel. In this case the sheet with carpet or textile, can be laminated ‘in-line’without glue and clearly with a great cost saving.

The main difference between bubble guard and pp honeycomb board. It is the middle layer structure. Bubble Guard is sealed bubble room in Hexagonal and Octagonal. While honeycomb board is raised irregular shape. Also these two kind board are made from two different technology. Honeycomb board is 3 layer or 5 layer co-extrusion method.

The Bubble Guard Board customers in the automotive industry such as Audi, BMW, Toyota etc.

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